Terms & Conditions

1. Company Business Address

19/60 Sixnature village, Soi 2, Tharang, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

2. Business policy

2.1. Refund Policy

  • A refund will normally be made to the same account and using the same method which was used for the original payment. No refunds are possible in the event of a no show for an existing reservation.
  • Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.
  • Refunds Normally Take 30 to 40 Days to be Processed from the Refund Request Date, and there is the Possibility to use the refund amount for Other Future Travel Services.

2.2. Return and Change Policy

  • Amending the Service Date Can be applied in case it doesn’t go against the Cancellation Policy and the new date is Subject to availability based on the time of Booking

2.3. Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation requests should be sent via fax or emailed to provide the company with written confirmation that your reservation should be cancelled.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1. What personal data you collect

First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone Number

3.2. For what purpose or reason you collect the personal data.

We collect the Personal data in order to be able to make the booking and Follow up with the Client for the Service Provided. We may also use emails for Promotional Campaigns

3.3. How long you keep the personal data.

We keep this data forever in our Data base unless the Customer asks for Subscription from the Promotional Campaigns

3.4. How customers can send a request to delete, disclose or update the personal data We hold.

Customers can send a request to delete, disclose or update the personal data we Hold through Email

3.5. With whom you share the personal data, now or in the future.

The Personal Data will not be shared with any party outside Royal Vacation Co. LTD now and in the Future,

3.6. Information on your address, and contact channel details.

  • 19/60 Sixnature village, Soi 2, Tharang, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
  • Customers can contact us through Our Official Accounts and Pages on Social Media Platforms, Website Chat, or through email to rsvn@royalvacationtours.com or sales@royalvacationtours.com

General Terms of Use

A. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand.
B.Thailand is our country of domicile.
C. Minors under the age of 18 shall be prohibited to register as a user of this website and are not allowed to transact or use the website.
D. If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secure connection.
E. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules..